Important Terre Du Lac Phone Numbers

At The Jennings Team, we understand the importance of having essential information readily available when you need it. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of important phone numbers for Terre du Lac residents. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a long-time resident, having this information at your fingertips can save you time and give you peace of mind.

Terre Du Lac and Local Utilites:  

  • TDL Association office: +1-573-358-5701
  • TDL Fire Department: +1-573-358-4445
  • TDL Division St. Francois County Emergency Services:
    • Non-Emergency: +1-573-431-3131
    • Emergency: 9-1-1
  • TDL Public Works Department: +1-573-358-5111
  • TDL Code Enforcement: +1-573-430-4828
  • TDL Country Club (not a TDL affiliate): +1-573-562-7528
  • TDL Golf Shop (not a TDL affiliate): +1-573-562-7091
  • Water/Utility Department Confluence Rivers (not a TDL affiliate): +1-866-945-3920
  • Trash pickup (Waste Connections): +1-636-321-2100
  • Ameren UE (electricity): +1-800-552-7583
  • Spectrum/Charter: +1-888-871-4485
  • SPIRE Energy: +1-800-582-1234