Home Buyers

Our 8 Step Home Buying Process

When buying a home, DO NOT hesitate to contact an agent. Most home buyers will search for the perfect home, and once they find it, they decide to call an agent. The agent meets the home buyers at the property and they decide it is the one. Now, the buyers must frantically try to get all of their information and documentation together to get a loan pre-approval, all while they are trying to grasp the many moving parts that must immediately come together for them to be able to make an offer on the home.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this order of events works, but what if there was a much better, and less stressful way? There is a better way, and we are about to show you. Below is our 8 Step Home Buying Process.


Let’s have a meeting and create our wishlist

This is one of the many ways that the Jennings Team is different than other agents. Instead of us meeting you at the first house that we show you, we like to meet you at first and discuss the buying process. We find that we can answer many questions in the beginning and avoid much confusion later on in the process. More importantly, we want to get to know you, and truly understand your needs. Once we not only understand WHAT you are looking for but also WHY, we can better serve you and help you find the perfect home much faster.


Home buyers must get pre-qualified

The importance of this step for home buyers cannot be overstressed. This is a vital step in the home buying process. Your pre-qualification letter will serve two purposes.

The first is to help you. It will provide you with the information about which price range you should be looking in. There is no reason to waste your time and energy falling in love with homes that you cannot buy. Also, your mortgage lender will be able to help you estimate your monthly payments. Just because you are approved for a certain amount, does not mean that you want to spend that much.

The second purpose of the pre-qualification letter could be the most important for home buyers. When submitting an offer on a home, you will need to attach your pre-qualification letter with it. This will be proof to the seller that you are able to obtain financing for the home.

There are many good lenders out there, but also some that can make the process very difficult. Don’t worry, as always, the Jennings Team will guide you in the right direction.


New listing alerts

When trying to buy a home in a busy market, you need to be the first to know when new homes that fit your needs hit the market. Once we know your wants and your needs in a home, we will set you up with automated listing alerts on our website which is linked directly to our MLS. Once a new home hits the market, you will be notified immediately. If you would like to schedule a tour you can notify us with the click of a button.


Schedule Showings

It is finally time to really get the home buying process started. Once we schedule showings for the homes that you love, we will take you for a tour of the home. Don’t worry, we are not pushy salespeople. We are just there to assist you and to help answer any questions that you have along the way. This is your time to explore the home and imagine yourself or your family living there.


Make an offer and negotiate

You have finally found the house that you are ready to call home. Now what? It is time to make an offer. The Jennings Team will sit down with you and discuss the offer. There is much more to an offer than just the price. How much earnest money will you be putting down? Will you be doing an inspection? Would you like appliances to stay? Do you need closing cost assistance?

We always hope to get that first offer accepted, but oftentimes that is not the case. As experienced negotiators, the Jennings Team will guide you through the process. Ultimately the decisions are up to you on what to offer, but we will help you make educated, well-informed decisions along the way.


Home inspections and appraisal

Great! Your offer has been accepted and the home is now under contract. There are still many important steps along the way.

The inspection process is your opportunity to discover any defects and potential problems with the home. The home inspector will do a very thorough inspection of the property looking for many things from electrical and plumbing issues, to potential future repairs needed for the roof or deck.

This is not a pass/fail situation. The inspector’s job is to provide you with a full report of everything that is found and to answer questions that you may have. You may then request the seller to make needed repairs. This is all covered in your agreed-upon contract with the home seller. The Jennings Team will assist you with negotiating the repairs.

The home appraisal will be ordered by the lender. The appraiser will then tour the property and give the home an appraised value. This is required by the lender to ensure that they are not lending more than the home is worth.


Final walk-thru and closing

You are almost to the finish line, but first, we need to perform a final walk-thru. Once the seller has moved out of the home, you have an opportunity to evaluate the home and ensure everything is as it should be. Were the appliances left as you had agreed upon? Were the walls torn up during the seller’s moving process?

As long as everything looks good, we move to the closing table.

The day has finally arrived! You are at the title company sitting at the closing table with a big stack of papers in front of you to sign. The lender, or closer with the title company, will go over the documents with you that you must sign. And sign. And sign some more. Once that is done, you will be handed the keys, and you are DONE!



All of the hard work has paid off. The stress of the transaction is over, and you can finally enjoy your new home. There is still that dreaded moving part, but we won’t discuss that right now, we are still celebrating!