Schnucks Coming To Farmington!

Schnucks Will Bring Better Grocery Shopping to Farmington, MO!

Schnucks farmington, mo, farmington, farmington grocery, new schnucks     In an article released by the Daily Journal they stated, “According to Farmington Mayor Stuart Landrum, the city could have a new full-service 55,000-square-foot Schnucks food and drug store by the end of 2014.”

It has been rumored for several years now that Schnucks would be coming to Farmington, unfortunately the rumors have not come true until now.

The article goes on to say that the mayor stated, “If all approvals are granted, the city will see a new source of revenue in a full-service supermarket, an increase in about 100 new jobs and a great new community partner.  Schnucks leaders have demonstrated in communities across the Midwest that they are committed to and passionate about what they are able to do for their customers.  We are looking forward to all the expertise and services they will bring to Farmington residents and surrounding communities. The coming of Schnucks to Farmington has been one of the long-held hopes of many of our citizens; the wait is almost over.”

According to the article Landrum said the St. Louis-based and family-owned grocery company is an integral part of The DESCO Group’s plan to transform the former 77,000-square-foot Value City building at 942 Valley Creek Drive into a grocery store. The remaining 22,000 square feet of space will be offered for lease. The DESCO Group is the realty company that serves as the property manager for the grocery company. DESCO will purchase the property and manage the lease space.

With the addition of new restaurants and a large grocery store, Farmington, Mo is seeing much growth as we come out of the great recession.  This will be a great boost to Farmington economy and a great amenity to Farmington and surrounding communities.  Be sure to check out our last post about Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi which is also new to Farmington.

Schnucks stores provide quality products from their meat, deli, produce, and bakery departments.  Schnucks will proved quality meat products from their meat department.  According to Schnucks website Schnucks brand fresh beef, pork, and chicken contain zero preservatives or other additives, and they never use artificial preservation techniques to extend the appearance of freshness. Some stores do! Their meat departments cut and grind meats in-store to ensure premium freshness. Some cut or grind meat elsewhere, add preservatives, and then have the meat shipped to their stores. They deliver freshness over the counter, not over the road.

Schnucks high quality continues to its produce department where they only buy directly from growers that they have built relationships with.  Also Schnucks Bakery serves up fresh doughnuts, bagels, danishes, and rolls all cooked in the store daily.

As a person that loves to cook, I am greatly looking forward to the arrival of Schnucks.  It will be wonderful having a large grocery store with many of those hard to find items that are not always readily available at other super markets.

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Read the full Daily Journal Article:


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